GTA SA - Mods Skin Hannah [Battlefield 4]

Hello everyone, in this post, the admin will try to discussing the English, because this blog has come to be known by outsiders (other countries), and therefore, the Admin should speak English, so that was easily understood by everyone, and Indonesian, and surrounding states.

Hannah or Huang Shuyi (Chinese: 黄书毅) is a Chinese Secret Service agent in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. She joins Tombstone squad to protect high-value individual Jin Jié, but becomes friends with the Tombstone members. 

Okay, This post, contains: Hannah [Battlefield 4], Skin Mods designed by: yuniwii
prior to the download link, here's a screenshot :


Author : Yuniiwi 
 Warning : This is high polies and high textures model, and possibly can crash your game

Cool Blue Outer Glow Pointer