GTA SA - Honda Civic S 1986 [IMVehFT]

Models From : Forza Horizon
Author : Rhyo Permata
Replace : Flash
Paintjobs : 4
- 4 paint job
- 2 tuning kit
- 2 extras
- Support di SA-Rooms dan SA-colors
- Support untuk custom textures burning lights
- Fully working: turn signals, brake lights, headlights, fog-lights, reverse
- Fully working: the wheel, speedometer, wiper blades, brake pads, sensors of gas, temperature engine
- High-quality lighting devices
- Perfectly configured landing player
- Own Shadow, Collision, chassis_vlo
- Realistic damage and management
- Perfectly adapted as to fashion ENB series, and without it
- Adapted to the fashion of the "Active dashboard 3.2b"
- Adapted to the fashion of the "Improved Vehicle Features 2.0.2"



Cool Blue Outer Glow Pointer