GTA SA - Toyota Yaris Hellaflush Young Child

Description : inspired from my car, which has a rear wheel slightly hellaflush and flat, however, my car does not have BBS rims like the Yaris, but has Konig Rims, which is a bit similar to the BBS, and the spoiler was a little too similar, because I do not know what the name of the original spoiler, and I chose spoiler approaching it similarities with the spoiler ...
Original Model : Forza Motorsports 3
Author : Hafidh Ichwansyah Yahya
Edited : Rhyo Permata
Replace : Blista Compact
Thanks to
- Allah SWT.
- ZModeler
- TXDWorkshop
- Hafidh Ichwansyah Yahya

Cool Blue Outer Glow Pointer