GTA SA - Amazing Screenshot V1.1


Description : Ever wanted to capture as cool screenshots as R* does? Seen a hillarious situation, but it lasted only for a second so you couldn't even move closer to save it? Or perhaps you just hate CamHack? This CLEO script gives you an opportunity to make some real Amazing screnshots. Just freeze the game, adjust the camera just like you want and capture it! This script basically gives you unlimited time to mess with the camera, so if you wish, you can go really fancy. As San Andreas has a working Camera, this script also allows you either to capture screenshots by yourself (eg. by using Fraps) or to let San Andreas do it by itself (making a bad quality screenshot, unluckily). Have fun making some Amazing screenshots and beware - it's highly addictive!
This mod is also used as a part of Grand Theft Auto: The '95 Story and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PC Edition Total Conversions.
Author : SilenT
Type : CLEO


Cool Blue Outer Glow Pointer